Land search

In 2016 we started house hunt.

we had a tight budget and a growing Sydney as arena.

We concentrated on Schofield, Riverstone & Box Hill.

Looking at 3 we choose Riverstone. Box Hill was costlier and there was no sure date for registration of land. Schofield we honestly checked few land house packages and  somehow turned towards Riverstone. Surrounded by all awesome Suburbs (schofield, Rouse hill, marsden park, Box Hill), this old suburb seems to have potential. Finger Crossed

note I am not sure about school at present in this suburb, which should have been one of my points to check on, but sadly we did not.


We finalised our Land in Riverstone Meadows in Sep 2016.

  • Block size 336 sqm 
  • 12.5 m Frontage
  • South east facing

note: why south east facing?  What I understood from my long discussions with many is that you need a North Aspect. Make sure you have maximum windows and are in North. For us with a 12.5 frontage land, half of the front will be taken by the Garage. so it was good to have a north facing backyard and a well lit rear of the house.

And then started the quest for Builders……..

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