Tile Selection: Di Lorenzo

The Flooring has the potential to make or break the look of the house.

We went to De Lorenzo few times to check  before our tile selection appointment (8th Dec 2017). We shortlisted the following options:

1. Wood Look Tile: 
Cost of Tile + $70/sqm (laying charges) + $15/sqm (for wood like laying) + $15/sqm (for grout color) – $25/sqm (luxury inclusion tile charges)
The cheapest wood look tile is for $45/sqm
So the total charges comes to $120/sqm i.e. it will cost us $9960.
2. Porcelain Tile:
Cost of Tile + $39/sqm (laying charges) – $25/sqm (luxury inclusion tile charges)
The available sizes are 600×600 or 600×300
If we go for a roughly $58/sqm porcelain tile, it will cost us $5976.
3. Denim Matt Tile:
This is from Wisdom inclusive range and would not cost us an extra penny. The available size is 450×450.denim.jpeg
4. Oak leaf Laminate:
This is an inclusion under Wisdom Wise Choice package available to us.

Finally I went with this Combination.


Carpet for top floor, Tawny oak  wood look laminate for first floor & the tile for Porch


Tile combination for Main Bathroom


Tile Combination for Ensuite


Flooring for Ensuite, Main Bathroom & WC

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 7.00.57 PM.jpeg

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